Let Managed Privacy Canada Audit Your Privacy

Professional Privacy Audit Reports for Technology Platforms, Vendors and Businesses

Why is Verify™ PIA the Gold Standard for Privacy?

Verify™ PIA is an industry-leading methodology that enables any organization to easily adopt privacy frameworks such as the NIST Privacy Framework or ISO27701, 27018 or Privacy by Design to greatly facilitate privacy compliance.

Audit Your Technology

Complement your Verify™ PIA with our professional threat risk assessments (TRA) and build trust in your technology platform or app.

Audit Your Practices

Work with our bi-lingual certified professionals to demonstrate legislative compliance with PIPEDA, PHIPA, MFIPPA, Bill 198 or Law 25

Audit Your Vendors

Protect your brand and reputation from third-party data breaches by ensuring that personal information (PII) is protected in their custody.